Color-Blind/Love-Focused BN4Real

So, as I was praying today for peace, and for a path back to hope and love – God told me, “revisit BN4Real.” And all of a sudden, I felt my lungs expand and breath enter my body. That is when I was reminded how damaging fear can be to the universe and to each individual. … More Color-Blind/Love-Focused BN4Real

What’s going on?

In 1995 I completed my first draft of THE HUNTING SEASON – a play about a family haunted by a Haitian’s mother’s premonition that her son would be hunted by police in America – just like elephants in African. A few years later, THE HUNTING SEASON was produced as a public reading by NEW PERSPECTIVE … More What’s going on?


“No Papi! No!” Her shout rang out in the subway station.  I looked across the station and saw a man with his hands around another man’s neck slamming him against a wall. “Papi! Let go!” The woman was standing a few feet from him next to a baby carriage. She wasn’t pulling him away from … More Why


Steps toward reducing needs.   Isn’t that the mandate of the anti-capitalist?  The goal of the contemplative few who aspire to be one of “I am who I am, not what I do” people of the world? It takes a very special person to choose to take bold steps toward completely reducing personal needs. Take … More Steps

Reality check

Kool aid on a hot day. Pseudo-meat, tomatoes and cheese on a bun. Sustain on a budget. Put tomorrow ahead of today. Be still. Be patient. Your horizon’s a-calling. Ergo ego, “je suis alpha” and id Need to be under a lid. “Aggregation of wealth! Long live the American fantasy!” Subdue the masses With a … More Reality check


Remember when all seemed within reach? When you’d skip and dance down dark streets? When obstacles seemed like cracks in the pavement That were meant to be avoided or simply walked over? Remember when singing made you smile? And eating didn’t mean you’d have to jog a mile? Remember when falling in love was the … More When


She walks She talks She moves And they whisper “Aaah” and “ooh” Everyone wants her While her mind wonders…. Why walk Why talk Why move ???   Shadows and smoke Here. Nothing. Lingers. The only remains of her life story –   A scarred heart, Grasping empty hands, Waves of rage scorching from scalp to … More She


  The hope for better The anticipation of more The pitch into the abyss. Tomorrow. The unknown yet yearned for The intangible that’s reached for, The vortex that beckons, Steals your breath, Alters each step… Tomorrow. Haunts every waking thought As we endure today And dream of a better way Total absorption Organized planning Mindful … More Tomorrow