Verbal Yuck Yuck – Things people say that make you say “huh?” – Part 2

“I was on the train…holding on but not really sure what I was holding on to.

And I get here, and I see Sam, and he’s like you’re just getting in…he’s like I’m just going home…he left the party and came back to work…can you believe it…and there I was walking in…and he was like you are just getting in, and I’m like…yeah…and Tom texted me to find out if I was in the office…and I’m like…uh no…I couldn’t get out of bed at 5:30, to get here…but I’m here now…and he lol’d me.  He’s on vacation and he’s wondering if I’m here on time.

What time did you get home?

I have no idea.  Late.

So, we thought about catching the train, but I was like…no I don’t think so.  We took an Uber.  It cost $80 to get home. I get so freaking car sick when I’m drunk.  I could barely make it.

Then we stop at Taco Bells.”

“Did you pay him extra for the stop?”

“Yeah…I think…all together it cost like 90 dollars I think…I have to look at my credit card statement…anyway…so I wake up this morning…could barely open my eyes…and I’m like uhhhhhggghh…and I feel something in my hand…and I’m like what’s that in my hand…I look…it’s the bag of uneaten Taco Bell! And I’m like “Oh my God!”  I didn’t even eat it, and spent the whole night sleeping with it!  I threw it away like right away.”

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