Verbal Yuck Yuck – Things people say that make you say “huh?” – Part 1

“It’s harder to fake being busy than it is to actually be busy.

I got in at 10:30 got hungry at 11:30 and went to lunch, then I went up to the printing department. Now it’s like almost 3 and I’m just about to start working.


I was talking to the guys in the printing department, and this guy says, ‘What time did you get in today?

I said, ‘Around 10:30.’

This new guy looks up a little shocked.  The other guy says, ‘It looked more like you staggered in at 10:30’

Ha ha ha ha

I’m like – ‘I’m still hung over’

The new guys says – ‘Is it your last day?”

I was like – ‘Yeah.  I’m not usually that irresponsible.  I just didn’t feel like waking up at 5:30 this morning.  What are they going to do – fire me?!?’

Ha ha ha!


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