What if….

What would you do if someone on the train asked you if he could borrow your phone to make a phone call?

Before you answer, consider this – how many of you have credit card info in your phone? Compromising selfies?  Journal/memo entries that would incriminate you?

How many of you treat your phones like a necessary extension of your being?  Can you live a day away from your cell phone?  Is your favorite mental readjustment music on your cellphone, and only your cellphone? Do you read your newspapers, magazines and novels on your cellphone?  Have you made your cellphone your best/favorite/treasure “companion”?  

Consider these questions for a moment.

Now – back to my question – how would you react if some stranger asked you to use your phone?

Well – I was on the train typing a memo on my cellphone when some guy asked me to use my phone.  And guess what happened. My grip on my cell phone tightened.  My chin jutted out and my whole body primed for a fight. I felt myself giving him the evil eye as I automatically reply, “No!”

Sound familiar?

As he walk away, I kept my eyes on him, thinking “I watch the news – just like anyone else.  I’ve heard of cellphone snatchers, and I’m about to be anybody’s victim.  Not today. I’m a NY’er, buddy.”

As I sit here writing about my reaction, I wonder “What if?”  What if I said okay, like the young woman he approached eight feet away from me.  What if I truly believed in the intrinsic innocence and purity of man?  Would I have reacted differently?

It’s easy to judge people who respond to unfamiliar/invasive/uncomfortable circumstances with intrinsic fight-or-flight responses – but what would you have do in their place?  Really.  Are you a stranger-danger believer?  Or are you a love-light believer?  

Before you answer – see how you react to a similar circumstance or any crazy surprise interaction in NYC.  

Then answer.

A part of says, “I am okay with the way I reacted.”  Another part thinks, “What if…..huh….oh never mind.”

Are you okay with how you react?

Silly selfies safely stashed on cell?


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