Who was the giver?

Rushing to an appointment

Silently repeating

“The Lord is my shepherd”

Pushing anxiety out of the forefront of my mind

Focused on my own agenda

That’s when I saw her.

Bright green against the asphalt surface

Still and vibrant

She called out to me in a language older than time


“green” “cocoon” “catepillar” “hope” “butterfly-to-be”

Words and images rushed through my mind

I felt my feet stop more than I willed the choice

Heel pivot.

Eyes focused down

Mind registered – “Save her.”

At first, I considered using my hands

Then “how much pressure is too much pressure” stopped me

Eyes scanned the surrounding

Old wooden stick?


@ that moment my fears of bugs fled

Concerns about missing my bus faded.

As I gently touched a decaying branch to her plump green form

She clung to it willingly one suction pad at a time (hmmm  I think she has suction pads)

Uncertain whether a bush was an optimal environment

But certain she would at least be able to hide from scavenging birds

I slowly set the stick down in a verdant bush

I watched her ease her way onto a leaf, and my mind/body/soul smiled for the first time today

A brief “farewell” and turned and saw my MTA chariot approaching the corner across the street

As i made my way to the bus station, I felt joy, love and peace sweep through me

Who gave who a gift of life?






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